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  Low Cost Residential Revenue Grade PV Monitoring

Heliotronics offers the SunLoggerR™ residential data acquisition system. Extremely low cost electronics have allowed us to set a new price point for revenue grade residential monitoring.

Your customers will be thrilled to see the output of their solar array on their own web page. You will like it because we can add a hyperlink to your web site. When your customer's friends view the site and start thinking about solar for their home, your link will be right there.

The system uses a Focus meter which meets ANSI C 12.2 Accuracy class 0.5. The SunLoggerR™ logger has sufficient memory to cache at least 20 years of operational data. Even when the cache is cleared, the data is retained so that there is a record of the system performance in nonvolatile memory. Data is also fed to Heliotronics enterprise servers.

Read the technical specs here.

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